Shadowrun Anarchy

Pilot: The Low Lifes
Redmond Barrens, Seattle

The scene opens at Dante's Inferno with Zero Cool and Dak having some mid-afternoon drinks at their local dive. Dave the Troll tends the bar.

A greasy-haired Mr. Johnson enters and heads over to the runners holding a data pad. Speaking in a Russian accent he offers the crew a job on behalf of an unnamed corp: clear a local gang called the Low Lifes out of a bank they've occupied in the Redmond Barrens. Extra karma for opening the vault but leaving its contents.

Zero Cool and Dak leverage their contacts to case the location. The crew sees runner-turned-suit Acid Burn in her swanky corporate apartment and haggles with fellow-rigger Pedro to learn about the Low Life's motorcycle patrol.

The crew decides to approach from the sewer, Zero knocks out the cameras, Dak laser-cuts the grate, and Dave leads the charge, grenading the bank's  back wall. The crew mercilessly slaughters the surprised gang with grenade, axe, uzi, and laser gun blazing. Some lucky flying debris and a VR controlled rocket-boosted Mad Monster mow down the remaining members on bike patrol.

Zero discovers the vault already open, a mysterious cube with a jack inside, and calls in the success on the comm. Dak and Dave encounter a massive chainsaw-wielding Low Life upstairs and make short work of him after a glitched spray of the Uzi takes out the leader's kneecaps then face.

Alone in the vault and unable to resist, Zero jacks into the black cube…


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